General Update September 2020

Tall Boots and Rider Paddock Boots

The Donatello III and the Medici II are selling strong. Our production is now up to 70% and holding steady. We have received shipments in and many more are in transit and production. The delays in Customs and Shipping have eased so we are confident we will have a strong flow of Tall boots through the Fall and Winter.

Please Note that MAP on the Tall boots has changed. From August 1st new MAP prices should be in place. We have given everyone some leeway on this as we all work remotely but please ensure you correct your pricing no later than Sept 1

Donatello III Dress and Field | Cost $159.00| MAP $319.00

Donatello III Junior Field| Cost $139.00| MAP $279.00

Medici Field and Dress| Cost $209.00| MAP $419.00

Vasari Field| Cost $299.00| MAP $599.00

(Vasari Launching Spring 2021 – Pre booked orders on this boot will receive a 5% discount)

Riding Paddock Boots

Medici Front Zip, Lace and Double Zip are remaining unchanged for 2021

Giotto 2 is been discontinued and a new paddock boot “Donatello Paddock” is been introduced as a replacement.

Country Boots Tall and Country Paddock

Currently in Transit and due to be delivered to stores in Mid October. As advised in my previous email, due to Covid we have brought in only a very limited selection. If you have not pre booked you may be disappointed but please check our available to sell listings if you would like to carry them.

Spring Summer Apparel 2021

Show Shirts – This year there has been little sell through in stores and we see many customers with substantial stocks so we have decided to carry over some styles from this season and not offer new versions for 2021

Casual Tops – We are launching 3 new colours of our popular Performance Polo and Sun Chic 50 for 2021.

We will be closing Spring Booking Orders on Sept 30th

We have small balanced stocks of the current 2020 colours in Polos  and Sun Chic 50’s which will be offered as closeouts for the month of September or while stocks last. Minimum order of 20 units to receive a 40% discount – Please note all closeout purchasing must be ordered separately and paid for prior to dispatch. No returns or warranties are available on closeout products.


We have decided to discontinue the current Solo Extreme and Solo Hunter Pro and replace them with a new breech which will launch in Spring 2021. Samples will be sent out to your sales reps in due course and we will have a visual presentation for those who do not get to see a Tredstep Sales Rep.

We are currently offering closeout pricing on both these breeches until Sept 30th ( minimum quantity of 12 pairs of breeches to receive a 40% discount – Please note all closeout purchasing must be ordered separately and paid for prior to dispatch. No returns or warranties are available on closeout products.

The Nero II / Rosa II / Volte II and the Gents Verde are all set to continue into 2021


The original Allegro Compression and Tempo Compression range of tights are set to continue. We are currently out of many sizes but we will have production of this All Year Round version  available in November. Please order now to be assured you can get them in time for the holidays.

The Allegro Air and Tempo Air ( Summer weight) is carrying over to spring 2021, we are taking booking orders for these for spring delivery.

Show Coats

We are not making any changes to our Show Coats for 2021.


There are no planned changes to any of our chaps at this time. All remain core items

Fall / Winter Apparel

As mentioned in prior emails we have decided not to produce any Apparel or Outerwear for this Fall / Winter with the exception of Winter Merino Socks which are already in stock

Solo Air and Solo Pro are continuing through 2021.
Winter Merino Socks Special Deal – 20% extra free when you Buy 10 packs we will send you 12 packs

The current belts are continuing through 2021.  We are introducing 2 new belts in 2021, Samples and images will be available soon.

All current belts are on offer – 10% discount on all orders.


New Products for 2021

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Closeout Products


Please let us know of any queries you may have!

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 00353 1 2950598 (9:00am to 5:00 GMT)